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Sids is the number one cause of death in infants between one month and one year of age, although occasionally an older or younger child may die. Sids is not rare. About 570 babies die each year in Australia (about two per 1,000 live births). The number is greater than cystic fibrosis, childhood cancer, heart disease and child abuse combined. Sids is not predictable and not preventable. A miner illness (such as a cold) may precede the death but many victims display no observable symptoms. Sids is not caused by suffocation Sids is not contagious Sids is not painful. Death occurs within seconds, usually during sleep. Sids does occur in families of all races, religions and living circumstances Sids is often referred to as "cot death" and is as old as the Old Testament. The term sudden infant syndrome came into general medical use after 1969 *Excerpts from the national SIDS Council of Australia booklet printed with the generous support of the Australian public through funds raised by National Red Nose Day. Related Article Article on SIDS On August the 3rd 1977 a group of parents met for the first time, all of whom had lost a baby to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot Death). They found they were not alone in their bewilderment, doubts and fears. ......more Research Kids and Sids Australia 24 Hour Infant Loss Support Line: 1800 686 780 (Freecall) SIDS and Kids Western Australia 33 Sixth Avenue,KENSINGTON Currently, research has three major objectives: To determine the causes of SIDS so that they may be prevented or treated. To identify those babies who may be at risk, so that actions may be taken to reduce the risks To determine how a bereaved family may be assisted to adjust to such a tragedy Research in these areas are being performed in many countries in the world. The National SIDS Council of Australia is affiliated with SIDS International, a network of SIDS associations from nearly 30 different countries, which was formed in 1987 to promote research into SIDS and share information and ideas. The National SIDS Council of Australia, and its member organisations, fund research programs throughout Australia, encouraging liaison and interchange between different research groups. SIDS and Kids Western Australia has achieved more than a 70% reduction in the number of SIDS deaths through its past and present health promotion campaigns, "Kids and SIDS - Three Ways to Reduce the Risk" and "SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping". The compassionate Friends, a support group for parents who have lost children of all ages to all causes devised a list of Do's & Don'ts for the families and friends of bereaved parents.
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