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Prepaid Funeral Plan
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Peter J Jackson, Funeral Directors
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A guide to putting your affairs in order
For updated Q&A please visit Funeral Plan Management Q.Can the Plan be transferred to a different funeral director? A.In certain circumstances, this may be possible. Each individual case is considered on its own merit, in consultation with Funeral Plan Management on behalf of the trustee, and the original and alternative funeral directors.  Your initial inquiry should be made through your original funeral director. In the unlikely event that your original director is no longer in business, all you need to do is advise Funeral Plan Management in writing that you wish to transfer the benefits under the plan to another funeral director. Of course, the agreement of the other funeral director will also be required. Remember, your money is protected because it is invested separately by the Trustee. Does a pre-paid funeral affect pension payments? The Funeral Plan Management enables you to maximise your pension entitlement because any money paid into the plan is not subject to the income or assets test or the deemed earnings rules* Who can join this plan? Anyone can join, regardless of their age or state of health What if I change my mind?   You have 14 days, from the date confirmation your investment is mailed, to change your mind.  Should you wish to cancel within this period you may do so by writing to us. The plan will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. What if death occurs interstate or overseas?   The Pre-paid Funeral Plan may by arrangement cover members whilst interstate and overseas , usually at an additional cost for transport involved.   What if I move my residence interstate? It would be wise to speak to your funeral director about arrangements to transfer your Plan to another funeral director before making any permanent move interstate. Download Personal Profile to fill in   What happens when the time comes to arrange the funeral? A family member or personal representative simply contacts the funeral director and all the arrangements as detailed on the certificate will be carried out. Everything will be done exactly as you arranged. *According to current legislation
Total Control Total control over a funeral means knowing all details such as the selection of the funeral home, have all been carefully considered and planned according to your wishes. Nothing is left to chance, least of all the rising costs of funerals into the future. A prepaid funeral, with an associated funeral director of Funeral Plan Management (FPM) offers a safe (capital guaranteed) investment vehicle, which is simple enough to understand. Related Link :Your questions answered
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