Peter J Jackson, Funeral Directors
Peter J Jackson, Funeral Directors
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Emotional- a funeral allows us to "let go" of our emotions and face the reality of death. It allows family and friends to share memories of a loved one, to laugh and cry together and provide vital support for each others grief. Physical - the disposal of the deceased's body is controlled by State laws, and is usually by way of burial or cremation •Social - a funeral is a social event that emphasizes and acknowledges life. It is also an historical event that should be shared, so that family and friends can support each other Spiritual - a funeral helps us realise that material things don't really matter as money can't buy the most precious gift of all, that of life. A funeral gives expression to love and allows faith to be shown. The following aspects meet those needs: Individual choice of funeral makes the event more meaningful for those attending. Families are encouraged to select their own venue, their own music, readings or poetry, and they can choose whether a religious or non religious ceremony is more appropriate. The order, content and style of service can be varied to suit the family's needs. A personal tribute from a friend or family member, or perhaps including appropriate cultural traditions, may make the service more meaningful. The involvement of the body of the person we are mourning in the funeral experience is very important in helping us through our grief. It is painful to witness the final committal of the body, but the act of that person leaving us helps us to accept the reality of their death. A funeral is for those who are living. it is a celebration of the life of the loved one, not the death. Related Article: Grief and how to deal with it Author: Dr. Pradeep K Chadha. A simple exercise will bring benefit to all those who want to deal with grief of a loved one.  Do this exercise everyday at least once, preferably before sleeping .....more The Willingness To Heal Author: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. I have counseled individuals, couples, families and business partners for the past 35 years and authored eight published books. ......more
How to say goodbye and the importance of the funeral ceremony There are four basic needs fulfilled by the funeral:
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