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Peter J Jackson, Funeral Directors
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There are many questions about autopsies and I hope these will answer a few of them for you. The next page describes what part the Coroner plays and may give you some more insight of the procedures. Where will the Deceased's personal belongings be held? If death occurred after admission to hospital, the hospital is responsible for personal items. Otherwise any valuables or personal effects will be removed during admission to the mortuary and then placed in safe custody by police officers. If you have a query contact Coronial Counselling Service Where can I obtain a copy of the Registration of Death ? The Registrar upon application, provide you with a certified copy of Death Registration. Prior to the cause of death being registered, an interim certificate can be obtained, which in some circumstances may be used for processing legal documents. The Office of the Registrar general is located on the 10th floor, Westralia Square, 141 St George's Terrace, Perth WA Will the Post Mortem examination interfere with the Funeral Arrangements? A post mortem examination does not usually delay funeral preparations. However, if organs must be retained for analysis you may want to take this into account when deciding on the day of the funeral. Your funeral director will contact the Coroner's Office to determine the earliest date for release of the deceased. Can I have a copy of the Post Mortem report? A Copy of the post mortem report can be sent to your personal doctor for him or her to explain to you in detail the medical cause of death.Your request for such a report should be in writing and forwarded to the Coroner's Office giving the name and address of the doctor and details of the deceased Can I see the Deceased? Apart from the formal identification which is arranged by police officers, it is suggested that the viewing of the deceased be arranged with the Funeral Director. If you have a specific request, contact the Coronial Counselling Service Information Pack for those Bereaved by Suicide or Other Sudden Death
What does the Coroner do? If you want to know if organs have been retained you must contact the Coroner's Office on (09) 321 2491 and speak to a counselor, it is IMPORTANT that you do this as soon as possible. Any person can ask a Coroner to direct that a post mortem be performed. Tissue may only be removed from the body for therapeutic, medical, teaching or scientific purposes with the :Written permission of the deceased; or written informed consent of the senior next of kin. Where there has been written permission by the deceased, the senior next of kin has the right to view that written permission. Handy Phone numbers
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