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How I Handled the Loss of my Baby  by Avis Ward  GeoVi's Home for Pregnant Teens II did not handle the loss of my baby at all. It handled me. I thought my faith was strong and I could handle anything. Actually, I never thought I would not be a Mom ......more Seven Beliefs That Will Help You Cope with the Death of Your Loved One   by Louis LaGrand, Ph.D. Thoughts and beliefs, critical choices you make, are the underpinnings of the attitude you take toward loss.  Beliefs are behind everything we do in life. ......more  How to Respond to Tragedy   by James P Krehbiel  Krehbiel Counseling  Rabbi Harold Kushner, the author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People, wrote about his response to personal tragedy. His son Aaron had premature aging, and eventually died from this disease. ......more   How To Surrender To Grief   by Louis LaGrand, Ph.D.  "What you resist persists" is an old psychological saying that is especially applicable to anyone when mourning the death of a loved one. In other words, trying to repress feelings, "be strong" or pretend you are doing well when you are not, will guarantee that pain will spill out in unexpected ways. ......more   Chinese Customs   The burial of the dead is a very serious matter in Chinese societies. Improper funeral arrangements can cause bad fortune upon the family of the deceased. ......more  Reading poems or verse at funerals.  Poems or verse at a funeral can be a great comfort if chosen wisely. When someone reads a suitable verse befitting the person's life it makes the service very personal and is a comfort for the family. ......more Celebrating Life   A Celebrant reads a biographical story about the honoree. The honoree's brother shares a poem he has written. ......more  Teaching Children About Death   How many uses can you find for a dead fox? When I happened upon one recently whilst out walking with my children, the poor lifeless creature suddenly became the catalyst for an important family moment. ......more  Why you should pre pay your funeral   Most people want to put off thinking about their funerals. However, you can save your loved ones a good deal of hassle by doing some of the planning in advance. ......more  How To Express Sympathy When Someone Suffers A Loss   Death is something people dont want to think about. This just makes the person feel so bad inside and make one think if this could be have been prevented.  The truth is death is another phase in life. ......more  Helping Loved One's In A Crisis ... Ten Steps To Helping   When my elderly parents fell ill, I found myself in a very human predicament. I was thrust into the role of parent and advocate  while simultaneously dealing with the almost paralyzing fear of their imminent deaths. ......more  Starting Over   How does one start over after the loss of a loved one? It is a monumental task that just feels overwhelming at times. ......more Grief-How To Deal With It  Author: Dr. Pradeep K Chadha  Grief is an integral part of almost everyone's life. ......more Managing The Fear Of Loneliness   Author: Stan Popovich Sometime or another we will experience a time when we are alone. Some people fear of being alone for various reasons. ......more The 10 Warning Signs of Suicide   Author: Anne Wolski - In a time when suicide has become a culture in society, it is important to be able to recognise the warning signs. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in people aged 15 - 24 with young males four times more likely to succeed due to the lethal ways in which they choose to kill themselves. ......more Seven Easy Steps to Writing a Eulogy   Both writing and delivering a eulogy are emotional, but at the same time a step towards healing. It's never easy to put into words what someone's life meant to you and to summarize their life in just a few minutes. ......more Helping Children Cope With Fear & Anxiety  Author: Arthur Buchanan - Whether tragic events touch your family personally or are brought into your home via newspapers and television, you can help children cope with the anxiety that violence, death and disasters can cause. The Caring for Every Child's Mental Health Campaign offers these pointers for parents and other caregivers: Encourage children to ask questions. Listen to what they say. ......more Funeral Etiquette Suggestions  Please note that these are suggestions only: The death of a friend or loved one often leaves us feeling lost and not sure what we can do. Your first reaction may be to help, but you may not be sure of what to say or what you can do. ......more  Body donation for research   If you are interested in donating your body, here are a few pointers. The first thing to do is register your intentions with one of the major Universities or Teaching Hospitals and they will keep your name on file. ......more Facts about Sudden Death Syndrome   On August the 3rd 1977 a group of parents met for the first time, all of whom had lost a baby to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot Death). They found they were not alone in their bewilderment, doubts and fears. ......more Why do autopsies  Although the primary reason to perform an autopsy is to determine the cause of death. There are benefits to individual families, to the practice of medicine, and to the community at large. ......more Funeral Fee Structure  It's distressing to see so many sites on the internet relating to funeral rip-offs. Maybe it's time to try and address the issue and explain some of the fee structure. ......more Buy Funeral Flowers Online: Advice On Choosing  Author: C. Porter - Choosing the right flowers can be difficult at the best of times but when selecting funeral flower arrangements it is made more difficult. ......more Scattering, what you should know  By: Jeff Staab - Is scattering a wave of the future? No! ......more         .
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