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What to do after the funeral
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THE WILL A Will is a legal document which sets out how a person wants their belongings to be distributed after their death. The executor of the Will is responsible for distributing the person's assets, after payment of debts, to the people named in the Will as beneficiaries. For estates valued over approximately $10,000, depending on which State or Territory you live in, a grant of probate may be needed. This process ensures by court order that the Will is the final and valid Will of the person who has died. If there is no Will, the State Trustee, Public Trustee or a solicitor can give you advice on what to do. Probate Brochure
Take some time out! You have been through a very stressful period and you need some time to rebuild. Your health is very important so get plenty of exercise like walking daily, eat healthy and consider some supplements to help recharge your immune system. You will have to notify people, businesses and clubs the deceased was associated with. To help you deal with this print out the form of notification and photo copy, you can then have a mass mailing. If you are finding it hard to cope get help! Support groups are very helpful and you won't seem so alone. Related Article : How does one start over after the loss of a loved one? It is a monumental task that just feels overwhelming at times. Similar rebuilding occurs after the death, divorce or separation of a loved one. First comes the shock of the loss and an almost denial that is has happened, particularly if there was no more Who to notify There are a number of people and organisations who need to know about a death. This helps finalise the person's affairs and makes sure you get the help you need. This checklist shows you most of the people you may need to contact. Use the link to bring up a printable page. Just close the browser when finished. 1. Centrelink and Veteran's Affairs if applicable 2. Banks and other financial institutions 3. Employers 4. Home care nursing services, meals on wheels 5. Insurers and superannuation funds 6. Hire purchase companies 7. Australian Taxation Office 8. Telephone companies 9. Medicare (or private health funds) 10. Electoral Office 11. Local Authorities (councils, state authorities) 12. Motor Vehicle Registry 13. Clubs and organisations 14. public services such as libraries 15. Solicitor 16. Public Trustee 17. Landlord 18. Executor of will 19. Doctor 20. Dentist 21. Post Office
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