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"Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names" - proverb
Arranging a funeral is an emotional and daunting task and the last loving thing you can do for for the one who has died. We have tried to provide as much information to help make the journey a little easier. There are necessary choices to consider when making the funeral arrangements and there is some sound advice for after the funeral. In this website you will find out how to write a eulogy, find suitable funeral poems or memorial verse, learn how to write a death notice with our examples.The sitemap menu has the pages grouped by category which you might find helpful and it is at the bottom of every page. What happens if somebody dies at home? explains the process and Coronial matters take you through the steps if a coronial inquiry is involved in the case of a sudden death. If you live in the country area take a look at the local cremation service available. Samples and examples  If you need some examples for writing a paper notice we have some. The record search feature will help you locate grave numbers within the wheatbelt area and funeral notices are posted up for the convenience of remote residents without daily access to a newspaper. The notices are also available to interact with at Heaven Address Online Memorial. The value of a viewing is discussed and an article on how to write a Eulogy, with kind permission from the Author Garry Schaeffer whose book can be bought from here. Receive An Electronic Book quickly via e-mail from his website. See why you should make a will and who can dispute it. Take a look at the Links page where links to Celebrants, Government services and support groups can be found. Ideas for service pamphlets and MAKING THE FUNERAL ARRANGEMENT are found on the download page and are in pdf form. This is handy to save to disk and have a local copy. New: A video clip worth watching called the Funeral.  We have an archive database for funeral notices Funeral poems and verse Want some ideas for funeral poems and memorial verse? We have around 84 verses. Search the database of poems which is being updated regularly. A selection has been chosen on the poems page for easy access. After the funeral will help you workout what needs to be attended to and a checklist helps with what has to be done and what documents you may need.  World prayers are inspirational and multicultural, try their prayer wheel , it gives a random prayer each time. Hover the mouse over the centre. The purpose of  this website is to try and help  make your journey a little easier  and I hope this is what has been achieved in some small way. Articles of interest, statistics, World health counter, funeral guidelines and more..
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